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  • Gender and creation of business

    Project leaders
    Ignasi Brunet

    Funded by Instituto de la Mujer - Ministerio de la Igualdad

    This research project adresses the effects of the sexual division of work in the self-employement from an interdisciplinary perspective. About this issue, we wonder to what extend are the inequalities produced in self-employement. The investigation was held in the Mediterranean area of Spain, including four regions: Catalonia, Comunitat Valenciana, Murcia and Andalusia.

  • Language and markets: linguistic efficiency in Europe

    Project leaders
    Amado Alarcón

    Funded by Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad

    This research project "Languages and markets: social and linguistic efficiency in European Integration" adresses the relationship between internationalization of economic activity, linguistic capital and social inequality. This relationship can be observed in the Economic and Monetary Union, where not all the companies have the same appropriate linguistic capital to access to the opportunities offered by the free movement of labor, capital, goods and services.  The purpose of the project is to understand the problems of economic efficiency and distribution of resources among social groups in a context of increasing linguistic complexity.

  • Women in Healthcare: careers and access to positions of responsibility

    Project leaders
    Inma Pastor

    Funded by Instituto de la Mujer - Ministerio de la Igualdad

    This projectaims to study the sector of helath,which in recentyearshas undergonea majorprocess offeminization.Whilewomenhave traditionallybeenpresent in theservices sector, until recentlythey hadinmostcategoriesbeinglessresponsibility,whilethe jobsof higherprofessional qualificationwascommon to findmen. In recent yearswe see a process offeminizationof themedical professionasthe number of womenstudyingthis professionand the number ofwomen whoexercise has grown.Westudy whetherthis process offeminizationisimplyinggreater accessofwomento positions ofresponsibility withininstitutionsthat providehealth servicesor, on thecontrary, womenremaina minorityinthese positions.

    The objectivesof the study are to radiograph the situationof health workersin relation tothe gender variableand analyze thecausesof this situation.Causes which, underourassumptions,have to do withthe doubleworkloadof womenbut alsofactorsrelated to the exerciseof the medical profession.

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